Our Company

The company Izolacije Pevec, d.o.o. (Pevec Insulation) performs top-quality services and produces top-quality products in the area of energy-related systems.

We specialize in:

  • Installation-related work on objects with a wide range of insulation materials, at domestic and foreign markets
  • CNC metal processing, which is carried out in our high-tech manufacturing facilities on state-of-the-art machines and under the supervision of our professional assistants as well as with highest quality. Bending is counted among the most demanding technological processes of metal, profile and pipe processing. To achieve this, we use contemporary Mabi Bingo 2 Vario machine, which are numerically controlled (CNC). Sheet metal bending on such machines enables us to manufacture whole pieces at once, without putting the workpiece away. Furthermore, this enables us to bend products with complex shapes.
  • Manufacture of a wide range of sheet metal products, such as joints, pipes, valve boxes, preventive pieces, T-pieces, zeppelin-shaped lids etc.
  • Installations of Promat fire protection systems and products, as we have a licence to do so from 2004 on.

Our good results are founded on our high level of organization, as the company Izolacije Pevec d.o.o. employs:

  • 38 qualified insulation and insulation-installation experts
  • 4 qualified experts for building management, design and (engineering) work-process planning.

Regardless of our vast experience and know-how, we continue to expand our knowledge nonetheless. Our expertise is based on the cooperation of all the employees. We focus a lot of our time to monitoring the development of new products and technologies for installing products on the field of heat insulation.


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