Fire protection

The purpose of fire protection is to prevent and limit the uncontrolled spread of fires inside of buildings.

Fire sealants at the borders of fire sectors are measures of the passive fire safety.

Fire safety should never be taken lightly. It can be additionally increased by the implementation of the systematic solutions PROMAT.

The company Izolacije Pevec d.o.o. is a certified provider of the installation of passive fire safety systems by the companies PROMAT and Knaufinsulation.

We are familiar with several fire prevention and limiting systems for the use inside of buildings:


The fire protection of pipes and electrical installation passages at the borders of the fire sectors

The PROMASTOP systems are intended for use in efficient fire blocks for electrical installation passageways and pipes, passing the borders between fire sectors.


Fire protection for steel structures

Steel is an indispensable anorganic building material and is categorized among inflammable materials (without special certification). Regardless, steel structures would suffer a huge loss of their functionality if steel were to reach temperatures of around 550°C.

Air ducts and ducts for the discharge of smoke and heat

Air ducts and ducts for smoke discharge are automatically tested against fire coming from the outside or from within
The spread of fire from one fire sector to another (e.g. between two floors), through stairways and other available pathways can only be prevented if all building materials and structural elements have the same level of fire-resistance and classification.


FIREBOARD fire protection of ducts

These are panels for insulating rectangular sheet metal ducts in cases, where the required complete fire-resistance is up to the EI 120 minutes class. They have been tested for fires coming from the outside.