Sheet metal products

Half-finished sheet metal products are manufactured on state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines by the Swiss manufacturer MABI. The materials used are aluminium (99.4), alu-zinc, sea-water-resistant aluminium and stainless steel sheet metal. We manufacture all standard insulation protection types, such as 1-meter pipes and joints. All the elements are always in stock. Certain specific elements are manufactured to order.


1-meter pipes of various diameters and material thicknesses. Standard dimensions range from f80mm up to f500mm, with sheet metal thicknesses form 0.6mm up to 1mm. The pipes have manufactured ending- and cross-edges, and include holes for screwing.

Segmented joints come in various shapes and radius, with the standard radius being at 1.5D. Element diameters and material thicknesses are similar to those of the pipes. The number of segments depends on the dimensions. We can also produce joints with half-segments.



We are specialized in the manufacture of dismantling valve caps of various shapes and dimensions in accordance with the European standards.

We manufacture custom any non-standard insulation protection, such as valve caps, attachments, zeppelin-shaped lids, finishes, reductions. We also make machine-assisted repairs of any kind of sheet metal protection elements for air-conditioning.